Sustainable Practices – Esme

Embrace the power of nature.

A closed-loop production process

Seacell is produced using this eco-friendly process. A closed loop production method that works with nature and during which no chemicals are released as waste. The fibers are made from eco-friendly, low resource, and 100% biodegradable natural materials. That is why this process won the Process Innovation award at the European Business Awards for the Environment.

Made from Seaweed

Our fabric is made from organic brown algae and Tencel Lyocell (eucalyptus and beech trees)

Esme underwear is consciously created in Portugal

The knitting to dyeing to cutting to sewing and everything in between-- it's all done in the same vicinity in Portugal to not only fully support the community there but to also keep footprint low due to proximity of facilities. The seaweed for the seaweed fiber (made from brown algae), is harvested sustainably and regeneratively in the Icelandic Fjords.

Our Materials

Esme underwear is made up of Organic Brown Algae, Beech Trees, Eucalyptus Trees, and Elastane.

The organic brown algae is harvested above the regenerative part of the plant to encourage it to continue growing. The brown algae is dried naturally and chemical treatment is not involved. The resources used to produce SeaCell is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Eucalyptus trees grow quickly, do not need pesticides or irrigation, and can be grown on land that is not fit to grow food. It goes through a non-toxic production process that can use half as much water as cotton production does.

Intentional Packaging

Our packaging was carefully designed to align with Esme’s focus on sustainability. 

Our packaging is plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable.